Collaborative Research on Flood Resilience in Urban areas (CORFU)

The overall aim of CORFU is to enable European and Asian partners to learn from each other through joint investigation, development, implementation and dissemination of short to medium term strategies that will enable more scientifically sound management of the consequences of urban flooding in the future.

Flood impacts in urban areas--potential deaths, damage to infrastructure and health problems in the first instance, and their consequent effects on individuals and communities--and possible responses will be assessed by envisaging different scenarios of relevant drivers: urban development, socio-economic trends and climate changes.

International conference on flood resilience (ICFR)

In September 2013, the CORFU project hosted an international conference at the University of Exeter, to disseminate its findings and to provide a forum for current academic papers in the field of flood resilience.  For further information about the conference please visit:

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