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Flood Risk Management in China

Flood Risk Management in Barcelona (Spain)

Adaptive Flood Risk Management in European and Asian Cities



D1.1 Report on the inventory

D1.2 Portfolio of climatic and socio-economic scenarios

D1.3 Economic and urban growth models

D1.4 Report on assessment of present and future state and impact indicators

D1.5 Report providing summary

D2.1 Report describing a consistent framework for analysis of urban flood risks

D2.2 Report and papers with guidelines on calibration of urban flood models‌ 

D2.3 An open GIS-based flood risk mapping tool for stakeholders

D2.4 The future impacts of urban growth and climate change on flood probability

D2.5 The effectiveness of individual well specified mitigation measures

D2.6 The applicability of real time data assimilation for urban flood forecasts

D2.7 potential & shortcomings of state of the art real time urban flood forecast‌ systems

D3.1 Report on literature review on flood damage

D3.2 Literature review report on risk

D3.3 Adapted flood damage assessment model prototype

D3.4 Flood damage model case study results

D3.5 New model for flood impact to health analysis

D3.6 Survey of risk perceptions

D3.7 Recommendations for strategies and mechanisms

D3.8 Report on flood damage analyses for scenarios

D3.9 The assessment of cost effectiveness of flood resilience measures

D4.1 Report on flood risk assessment strategies

D4.2 Report on different strategic methods and tools

D4.3 Report on the methodical framework of measures for flood mitigation

D4.4 Synthesis on the application of the methodical framework

D4.5 Report on the evaluation of the application of the methodical framework

D4.6 Report and synthesis on pilot implementations

D4.7 General synthesis with general framework for risk assessment

D5.4 Workshops at each case study area

Flood damage video to buildings in Dhaka : A Chen


International conference on flood resilence (ICFR) papers

Developing business-as-usual scenarios for the urban growth of four of Asian megacities A1_295_Verbeek

A theory of 5R-layer framework for urban flood resilience - a basis for alternative planning practices, Dhaka case study A1_401_Hu

Flood Hazard assessment considering climate change impacts- application to Barcelona case study using 1D/2D detailed coupled model A2_145_Russo

Scenarios for long term economic city growth - models and results for selected CORFU case studies A2_246_Schlitte

Multiple linked SUDS in hydrological modelling for urban drainage and flood management A2_166_Hellmers

A study of the Beijing intensity-duration-frequency curves A2_257_Zhou

Automated model-based flood risk mapping for future scenarios of urban growth and climate change A2_165_Kurzbach

Estimating and mapping the total economic costs from storm surges in Wilhelmsburg/Hamburg A2_152_Kowalewski

Exploring preparedness consciousness in Wilhelmsburg (Hamburg): Is the risk "real" to the people on the Elbeinsel? A4_194_Birkholz

Flood damage assessment for urban growth scenarios B2_315_Chen

Flood damage assessment of Yizhuang, Beijing ‌B2_259_Zhou

Flood impact assessment under climate change scenarios in central Taipei area, Taiwan B2_313_Hsu

Methodology for maturity of flood risk management frameworks assessment - application to Asian European cities C1_311_Batica

Flood resilience study for Mithi river catchment in Mumbai, India C1_254_Nikam‌ 

Methodology for flood resilience index C1_312_Batica

CORFU project experience from the rapidly developing city of Dhaka, Bangladesh C2_320_Rahman

Effectiveness of flood resilience measures for Incheon Gyo watershed in Korea C2_310_Ler

Analysis of Beijing rainfall patterns, based on 68 years of rainfall data D1_260_Zhou

Getting started with urban flood modelling for real-time pluvial flood forecasting: in case study with sparse data D2_170_Rene

Understanding the hydraulic state and drainage capacity of a stormwater system through modelling D3_255_Zhou

100 year flood simulation for Dhaka City using multiple models D4_321_Pervin

Flood vulnerability assessment considering climate change impacts: Application to Barcelona case study using relative depth-damage curves D4_139_Velasco

Back to the future: assessing the impact of the 2004 flood in Dhaka in 2050 under massive urban growth D4_314_Khan

Flood control of an overpass in downtown Beijing E1_258_Zhou

Interaction between urban spatial organization and flood risk - Taipei case study (1895-1945) E1_174_Hu

Other conference papers

Estudio de la peligrosidad por inundaciones en el Raval (Barcelona)‌ mediante modelo 1D-2D (Study of flood hazard in the Raval district (Barcelona, using a 1D/2D model).B. Russo, D. Suñer and M. Velasco (2013).  III Edición de las Jornadas de Ingeniería del Agua (Third Edition of the Conference Water engineering), Vol. 2. Valencia, Spain. ISBN: 978-84-267-2071-9.

Hazard and vulnerability assessment of the damages produced in Barcelona ‌in case of heavy storm events.  Comprehnsive Flood Risk Management, Research for Policy and Practice. Taylor and Francis Group, CRC Press 2012 ISBN: 978-0-415-62144-1

Vulnerability assessment of the damages produced in Barcelona ‌in case of heavy storm events. M. Velasco, À. Cabello, B. Russo and S. Djordjevic (2012).  IWA World Water Congress. Busan Korea

Flood hazard assessment in the Raval District of Barcelona‌ using a 1D/2D coupled model.  9th International Conference on Urban Drainage Modelling. Belgrado, Serbia ISBN 978-86-7518-155-2

Floodalert: A simplified radar-based EWS for urban flood warning ‌Llort, X., R. Sanchez-Diezma, A. Rodriguez, D. Sancho, M. Berenguer and D. Sempere-Torres. 2014: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Hydroinformatics. New York, USA

‌Rodriguez, A., X. Llort, D. Sancho, R. Sanchez-Diezma, R. Bella and V. Gomez. 2014:  'HIDROMET: A cloud-based ews platform for real time urban flood warning' Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Hydroinformatics. New York, USA


Journal papers

New policies to deal with climate change and other drivers impacting on resilience to flooding in urban areas: the CORFU approach  Slobodan Djordjevic, David Butler, Philippe Gourbesville, Ole Mark, Erik Pasche. - Environmental Science & Policy, 14(7), 864-873.

Real-time urban flood forecasting and modelling – a state of the art  Journal of Hydroinformatics, 15(3), 717-736

Urban flood impact assessment: A state-of-the-art review M.J. Hammond, A.S. Chen, S. Djordjevic, D. Butler, O. Mark. - Urban Water Journal, in press.

Flood risk perception: A review of theory and policy implications Birkholz, S., Muro, M. Jeffrey, P., and Smith H.M. (2014).  A review of theory and policy implications. Science of the Total Environment. 478. 12-20

Before the flood Europe needs smarter buildings and better forecasts -Horizon the EU research and innovation magazine.

Citywide multi-grid urban flood modelling: the July 2012 flood in Beijing Justine Hénonin, Hongtao Ma, Zheng-Yu Yang, Johan Hartnack, Karsten Havnø, Philippe Gourbesville, Ole Mark. - Urban Water Journal, in press.

Integration of research advances in modelling and monitoring in support of WFD river basin management planning in the context of climate change. Philippe Quevauviller, Damia Barceló, Martin Beniston, Slobodan Djordjevic, Richard J. Harding, Ana Iglesias, Ralf Ludwig, Antonio Navarra, Alícia Navarro Ortega, Ole Mark, Roberto Roson, Daniel Sempere, Markus Stoffel, Henny A.J. van Lanen, Micha Werner. - Science of the Total Environment, 440, 167-177.

A methodology for probabilistic real-time forecasting  an urban case study. Jeanne-Rose Rene, Henrik Madsen and Ole Mark. - Journal of Hydroinformatics, 15(3), 751-762.

Assessing the potential for real-time urban flood forecasting based on a worldwide survey on data availability. Jeanne-Rose René, Slobodan Djordjevic, David Butler, Henrik Madsen, Ole Mark. -Urban Water Journal, 11(7), 573-583.

Rethinking the relationship between flood risk perception and flood management.  S. Birkholz , M. Muro , P. Jeffrey , H.M. Smith. -Science of the Total Environment, 478, 12-20.


On line tools 

Open GIS-based flood risk mapping tool 

Real-time flood warning system